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Nikolai , Jan 16, Chapter 5: Gathering clouds When prime minister Vilhelm Buhl returned home after the League of Nations summit two events captured his attention. In China leader Hu Hanmin had surprisingly died, plunging the ancient empire into political turmoil. If the new president was able to keep the nation together remained to be seen. At home the government started a program designed at improving the infrastructure of Sweden to support the growing military industry.

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On the 27th of November the Serbian government announced it would sign the Central Powers pact and join the alliance of Poland and Hungary. Widely consided to exist only on paper this news alarmed the nations of Europe, especially Croatia and Albania, as both nations held provinces claimed by Serbia.

Scared of provoking a war both nations remained quiet about this course of actions. Fearing a repreat of the demonstrations France and Austria also made no moves against the Central Powers. This sent shockwaves throughout Europe.

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  • They declared this was meant as a signal towards the Central Powers and not as an aggresive move. Surprisingly they remained quiet about further expansion of the alliance in the Balkans. On the 3th of Februari the government received the news that it's infrastructure project was finished. The government decided to build a factory complex in Lappland which was to produce canned foods, clothes and vehicles.

    While primarily for civilian use these products could conveniently also be used by the army, most of which was conveniently close to the Russian border. The next day, the 4th of Februari the news came that Serbia had delivered an ultimatum to Albania to cede the provinces of Montenegro and Kosovo to Serbia or face war. While the other Central Powers did not officially support the ultimatum it was unlikely the Serbians acted on their own. Emperor Napoleon then sent word to Serbia that the conflict was to be brought before a League of Nations council or France would join the war on the side of Albania.

    Fearing a premature war in the Balkans Poland and Hungary pressured Serbia to accept this offer. Surely such a nation would not last, would it? And so, on the 7th of February both sides appeared before a hastely assembled Five Nations Council. On behalf of Serbia Hungary and Italy were part of this council Poland was still upset about the Pommeranian issue , Albania requested Austria and France to join.

    Because no one had any problem with them the Kingdom of Sweden-Norway was requested to be the fifth nation. And so a long week of discussions started.

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    Five days into the meeting, on the a map of Europe was leaked, showing Serbia not only occupying Montenegro and Kosovo, but also Bulgarian-held Macedonia, all of Croatia and parts of Austria. After a lot of outrage in the international media, Italian leader Benito Mussilini and Serbian King Peter II publicly denied these claims and declared the return of Montenegro was all that was required, to give Serbia access to the sea.

    Appearing to be the warmongerers France and Austria agreed with these terms to maintain "peace for out time". It appeared war was avoided.

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    On the 15th of February a total of six bombs exploded in Belgrade, killing twenty-six people and injuring many more. The police was quick to identify a group of Albanian nationalists. The very same evening the Serbian government condemned the attacks and gave another ultimatum to the Albanian government demanding the extradition of the terrorists and demanding "the Albanian armed forces to disband and give Serbian armed forces unlimited acces to Albanian territoty for a time as long as needed to destroy the terrorist organisations". When a response did not come within twenty-four hours the Serbian Army attacked Albania on the morning of February Within a year after it's creation the League of Nations faced it's first test at which it gloriously failed.

    Still assembled in Geneva, Hungarian leader Horthy proposed a treaty of non-intervention to Italy, Austria and France on the condition the transfer of Montenegro was to cotinue after hostilities had settled. Wishing to prevent the war from escalating Napoleon and Otto agreed.

    For over a month fighting continued between the Serbs and Albanians, with neither side able to make any serious gains. This situation changed on the 14th of March, when Horthy publicly accused the French of smuggling weapons into Albania through Roumania, another former Great War ally.

    The Roumanians were given a hour ultimatum to demilitarise the region of Oltenia, allow Hungarian forces to monitor the border region with Serbia and allow Central Powers inspections in all port cities. The Romanians answered they wished to negotiate the treaty. This was not enough. On the 15th of March the Polish and Hungarian armies invaded Romania, quickly pushing back it's defenders along the long front line. The French and Austrians were surprised by the sudden deciviseness and decided to intervene. It was decided the French would send an expeditionary force to defend Albania and Roumania, but not declare war on the Central powers directly, still wanting to limit the conflict.

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    The Austrians kept their troops on the long borders with the Central Powers. On the 19th the Continental Powers decided they would not risk a direct attack on Italy and send the French troops to Roumania instead. By then the question arised how to get there, as letting the French troops through the straits would be considered an act of war against the Central Powers by the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire now found itself in a precarious position; while it did not want to face a united Central Powers block in the Balkans, they had no love for the French after they felt betrayed after the Great War.

    In the end the Ottoman Emipire decided to play innocent, as the Ottoman ambassador in Paris is informally rumorred to have said to Napoleon; "The existing treaties give you the right to move merchant shipping through the straits, what those ships are carrying we don't want to know. However, this plan also need to be aborted.

    As the French fleet sailed through the Aegean they received the news Bulgaria had declared war on Roumania to reclaim the province of Dobrudja which they felt rightfully belonged to the Bulgarians.

    Being unprepared against the invasion from the south the Roumanian front collapsed within a day. Hearing about the scale of the retreat, the French generals decided the twelve divisions were not enough to defend Roumania against Hungary, Poland and Bulgaria, and at least thirty divisions were needed. However, assembling such a force and bringing it to Roumania would take at least three weeks, and pull troops away from other parts of the French Empire, leaving it vulnerable. Critical utopia and critical dystopia are mixed and directly discussed by protagonists.

    Butlers novel Parable of the Sower , society breaks down completely, and a kind of Hobbesian state of nature emerges. Even the powerful corporations with their own cities—the typical villains of the post-totalitarian or rather neo-totalitarian dystopias—are no solution, because they enslave their workers.

    Lauren cannot defend herself by violent means, because her mother took some performance-enhancing drugs during pregnancy, leaving Lauren with hyper-sensibility: she intensely feels every pain she sees.

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    So she is very vulnerable. But she manages to leave this war of all against all. She feels the weaknesses of others, so she can reach out to them and offer mutual help. She strengthens this loose bond by preaching a new religion she just invented. So a small group comes into existence and finally succeeds in finding and defending a small outlying territory.

    The author of the critical utopia Woman on the Edge of Time sketched out a world ruled by a few mega-corporations, called multis, that run a few domed mega-cities that seem to be the only possible places for decent living, because nature outside the domes is devastated and poisoned. Only the poor live there in huge dangerous slums—the glop—where the only food is some kind of edible mud, made by the corporations and exclusively given to their day labourers.

    The literary style is again quite cyberpunkish. Piercy discusses multiple topics in this novel: gender possibilities, transhumanism, and the defence of utopian communities against overwhelming powers. Winds and rain lash New Orleans and Biloxi , Mississippi. The levees burst and the city is flooded. Going back in time to more than a week before the storm, readers meet the protagonists in their pre-Katrina lives. Then in the days leading up to the hurricane, the characters learn about the approaching monster storm. On the Saturday before the hurricane, Leo tracks the storm on his computer as he and Michelle decide whether to evacuate.

    Kevin helps his family prepare to evacuate to Tallahassee. Denise goes with her niece and grandniece to take shelter at the hospital where her mother works, but when they are turned away from a private room due to overcrowding, she angrily returns to her apartment alone. Leo and Michelle spend hours in bumper-to-bumper traffic to Houston, while Kevin and his family do the same en route to Tallahassee.

    Meanwhile, Hamid and Mansell excitedly outfit themselves for the storm at Hamid's store. Monday, August As the storm's pre-winds batter New Orleans, The Doctor's hurricane party is in full swing.