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Joseph Charles Mardrus (1868-1949)

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    Sexy Mistake — 1. Galland had come across a manuscript of " The Tale of Sindbad the Sailor " in Constantinople during the s and in he published his French translation of it. The first two volumes of this work, under the title Les mille et une nuit , appeared in The twelfth and final volume was published posthumously in Galland's diary March 25, records that he met Hanna through Paul Lucas , a French traveler who had used him as an interpreter brought him to Paris.

    Hanna recounted 14 stories to Galland from memory and Galland chose to include seven of them in his books. For example, Galland's diary tells that his translation of " Aladdin " was made in the winter of — It was included in his volumes IX and X, published in Galland adapted his translation to the taste of the times. The immediate success the tales enjoyed was partly due to the vogue for fairy stories — in French, contes de fees [3] — which had been started in France in the s by Galland's friend Charles Perrault.

    Galland was also eager to conform to the literary canons of the era. He cut many of the erotic passages out along with all of the poetry. This caused Sir Richard Burton to refer to "Galland's delightful abbreviation and adaptation" which "in no wise represent[s] the eastern original. These produced a wave of imitations and the widespread 18th century fashion for oriental tales.