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Rows 18,20 and 22 WS : from one ball of yarn : k10, p4, k2, p1; from another ball of yarn: k3, p4, k9, p1. Row 36 WS : from one ball of yarn: k10, p4, k2, p1; from another ball of yarn: bind off 5 sts, p2, k9, p1. There are 17 sts on the first part, 12 sts on the second part. Sleeve Cast on 20 sts. Join shoulder seams. Finishing: Join side seams and sleeve seams.

Set in sleeves. Weave in yarn ends. Sew 4 sew-on snaps to the back opening. The knitting patterns, crochet patterns and other content displayed on this website are the exclusive property of the owner of abc-knitting-patterns. Click to Enlarge. Difficulty level: Intermediate.

Nicky Epstein Knits for Dolls 25 Fun, Fabulous Outfits for Inch Dolls

Notions : yarn needle, cable needle, 4 small sew-on snaps. Needles : US 4 3. Cable on 2 sts: Rows 1 and 3 RS : knit. Sweater: Sweater is worked in parts, which are then sewed together, bottom up. Row 6, 8 and 10 WS : k10, p4, k2, p2, k2, p4, k9, p1. Repeat rows four more times. Row 35 RS : k1, p 9, k4, bind off the next 6 sts, k4, p Row 19 RS : from one ball of yarn: k1, p9, k4, p3; from another ball of yarn: k1, p2, k4, p Repeat rows two more time.

Row 35 RS like row Row 5 RS : k1, p8, k2, p9.

Complete wardrobe for American Girl Dolls

Collar: Join shoulder seams. Not much to report today in the way of news, but I did finally finish a second color variant for the 11th Doctor Matt Smith from Doctor Who. Exhibit A:. This alternated with a similar blue bow tie, blue shirt version throughout series 5.

Knitting for Dolls

Strangely, while the red bow tie became THE symbol for the 11th Doctor amongst fans, the toy companies seem to have latched on to the blue outfit for a lot of their products, like the Character Building micro figures…. Here is the completed product:. And a link to the Ravelry page is here! As I said before, the blue and red shirts with the tweed are two out of five iconic costumes the 11th Doctor wore during his run. And yes, Character Building did this one too! But in a move that I think is frankly an odd oversight, they seem to have forgotten his bow tie? As always, will post when the project actually gets off the ground!

If you know how to knit and purl on straight needles, you can do this!! I usually use red heart super saver yarns or the loops and threads impeccable brand. This will be used later to wrap the bow tie into shape and sew it into place. This is a good skill to learn in general, useful when you make scarves if you want to turn your scarf into an infinity scarf.

No one will see it! At this point you should have a little ring.

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Try to keep it centered so your bow tie is even! Here I am sewing the bow tie in the place of honor! I go back and forth along the wrong side, stitching it completely down. Otherwise, if you just secure it from the middle and not the wings of the bow it pops off a little bit too much… this also helps to keep it straight. Again, please excuse my laundry. Hey guys! This was my first non Doctor Who doll, and the first time I needed to do curly hair. And here is the Ravelry link if you want to know the materials.

He looks like a creepy blank-faced conjoined twin thing. Once the plastic eyes were in and the smile was sewed on, I was able to start exploring hair options. At this point I started making his scarf with a simple garter stitch. That 11th Doctor next to him was actually the second I made, intended for my friend Kim for Christmas. For non-knitters, blocking is when you soak your knit piece in water for a bit, then pin it into the shape you want, and let it dry. This combats the problem of curling, which happens a lot in that stockinette stitch I use for everything.

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I finished the scarf and sewed together the coat. Also added some buttons for interest and to actually make it look like outerwear. During this process it felt less like knitting and more like sculpting a statue. That means that I not only sewed the hair in at the roots, but I also sewed in the tips, and took a few stitches at varying degrees along the lengths of the curls to keep them in perfect place.

Now he can be thrown around, punched in the head, snuggled with and rolled over on, and his hair will still be the same as the day I made him. Sweet dreams. Petit Gosset Hooded coat - a simple construction but excellent finishing. Mariengold Oh Girl - an e-book shock full of all the basic pieces, both knitted and sewn.

Sami Dolls Reversible Overalls - simple and cute, with side pockets. If you would like to try some free patterns first, to get your feet wet with sewing for dolls, by all means go ahead. Unlike the version created by my friend Juliane, this one is a one piece affair. A lot of sewing details for doll clothes, for your waldorf inspired or natural fiber art doll.

Via Fig and Me. Blog with free tutorials and link to patterns. If you are the maker type and would love some inspiration to get started, there are a few doll clothing gallery groups where you can see patterns used, and also what other clothing items go well with a specific dress, etc. I personally recommend the following two I have been a member since forever.

Waldorf doll clothes on Flickr - varied photos from makers all over the world. Especially helpful is that you can note different yarn choices as well as pattern alterations or modifications.

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Kind of takes the mystery out of certain techniques. Lot of inspiration, details, pattern, link to clothing and free DIY tutorials for doll clothing, waldorf inspired or natural fiber art dolls. And last but not least, hop over to my two new Pinterest boards where I will be sharing many beautiful images of doll clothing from makers around the world, and as a bit of an inventory of all the things I have added to my clothes as well. You are bound to find something intriguing enough that might inspire you to grab a sewing book or two, google a tutorial for a particular technique and get started.

Knitting for Dolls on Pinterest. Sewing for Dolls on Pinterest.

Are you feeling inspired now, to try something new in your sewing career? Do you have a shop where you provide clothing for this kind of doll? Lots of inspiration and helpful links to create or buy doll clothing for your waldorf inspired or natural fiber art doll, via Fig and Me. I hope this post opened your eyes to the possibilities when it comes to doll clothing.

The list is endless. All you need is determination and a little patience. You are bound to come out the conqueror. And, if you happen to create something from any of the above mentioned tutorials or patterns, don't forget to let me know. I would love to see what you create. Remember, if you make clothing, design patterns or have any free tutorials for doll clothing geared to this special kind of dolls, don't forget to include your info in the comments so we can all check it out. Petite Fig.