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A measure of how quickly America was expanding west is evidenced by notes in revised editions just 20 years after Cooper's original writing that the setttlers had now overcome this territory and that "the 'settler' preceded by the 'trapper,' has already established himself on the shores of that vast sea [Pacific Ocean]. He is weak, shaky garrulous, forgetful and losing his eyesight, but still smart enough to think before acting, and wise enough to lead the motley crew of characters who stumble across his path out of harms way.

I would rate "Mohicans" five stars, "The Pioneers" four stars, and "The Prairie" three stars, and thrown in a bonus to Library of America for its aforementioned virtues. In general then, the experiment in reading the books in the sequence written didn't show a falloff of the quality of Cooper's writing, but rather reflects the writing style of the time and demonstrates the value of judicious editing in the case of "Mohicans. While born into landed wealth in upstate New York Cooperstown is named for his family , Cooper endured periods of financial and critical failure during his career, and embroiled himself in several lawsuits that, won or lost, cost him money and reputation.

One interesting thing I took away from these three novels was how Cooper's writing preshadows and possibly influenced? Tolkien 1. The use of landscape and weather as characters and portents. The weather moves, predicts, and influences the actions and attitudes of characters. The role of the "hidden king" taking his rightful place when identified after proving his worth as a commoner and a warrior among his people Uncas in "Mohicans" and Aragorn in "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy. The use of names to impart different meanings, perceptions, and purposes to a character based on the names others used to describe them- for example Nathaniel Bumpo - given English name.

Leatherstocking - English nickname for his long soft-leather leggings and moccasins he was known for wearing. Hawkeye - name given by English-ally Indians for his accurate shooting aim "the scout" or "the trapper" - names used often by Cooper to identify the character by his role Longue Carabine - name given by French-ally Indians for his long-barreled rifle which in a critical confrontation about which white man is really about After writing these notes pointing out ways in which I found similarities between Cooper and Tolkien, I found this hit in Wikipedia: "Cooper's work has greatly influenced J.

Tolkien, whose Elves have many elements of Cooper's portraits of noble Native Americans, while some passages -- like the journey down the river Anduin in The Two Towers -- read like passages from The Last of the Mohicans. However, finding additional hits to confirm this was difficult, and would make a worthy subject for future research for a English or American literature masters thesis.

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Apr 20, George rated it liked it. I have no business giving this book a 3-star review, these stories are, without question, American classics. In reality I am giving myself a 3-star review for my ability to appreciate it. This is an honest review by a regular guy. I learned that The Last of the Mohicans was the second book in the Leat I have no business giving this book a 3-star review, these stories are, without question, American classics.

The Leatherstocking Tales

I learned that The Last of the Mohicans was the second book in the Leatherstocking Trilogy, so I picked a second-hand hardcopy that contained all three, published by The Library of America. James Fennimore Cooper wrote these books in the s, with historic dialogue that was very difficult to follow. Two things really frustrated me about this book. First, the books are not written chronologically.

It starts with The Pioneers when the protagonist, Leatherstocking, is in his 60s, then it goes back to when he was presumably in his late twenties or early thirties in Last of the Mohicans, then he is in the twilight of his years in The Prairie. I understand that is the order the books were written, but I would advise any reader to start with The Last of the Mohicans, then The Pioneers, then, The Prairie. Related, later in life, James Fennimore Cooper wrote two other stories with the Leatherstocking character in his youth.

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If you are really ambitious, start there. I did love the main character Leatherstocking, a classic American badass, a faithful Christian raised by Indians as a sure-shot Indian warrior and woodsman. He was a fearless and loyal man with unwavering integrity, incorporating the best characteristics of both Indians and European settlers.

Additionally, he is the earliest conservationist in literature that I know of. In The Pioneers, he admonished those in the village for killing animals and fish beyond what they can consume. This was written over years ago, and we are still having the same argument! Finally, I thought James Fennimore Cooper did a wonderful job depicting the Native Americans, they were all written as complex human characters, like everyone in the book, some were good, others were not. Should you read it?

THE DEERSLAYER (1978) - Steve Forrest, Ned Romero

If you love classic American Literature, American History, of have trouble sleeping, get the anthology. If you are unsure, start with The Last of the Mohicans.

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View 1 comment. Jan 16, Joe Slavinsky rated it really liked it. My Dad had always been enamored of "The Last of the Mohicans", so it piqued my curiosity. It took me a while to get used to the language, but once I did, it was smooth sailing. Natty Bumpo is as great a character who ever had his own series. Cooper's writing is well-paced, with very human characters, some thrilling action, and tells his stories very well.

I'm looking forward to reading the second volume, which includes the novels, "The Pathfinder", and "The Deerslayer". This set presents the novels in chronological order. The first was written in , and the last in Jul 25, Belinda rated it did not like it Shelves: stinkers. Don't even start with me about how these are classics. I know they are, and that for some reason they're important to American literature, even though they are horribly-written books about Native Americans by a guy who never laid an eye on one Jul 06, Eric rated it liked it.

I read the LotM and The Praire. Unlike most people of a literary bent including my two favorite American authors , I don't hate Cooper. He's too longwinded, which makes him tiring to read, and tropes he uses are silly, but he's still important. Last of the Mohicans is obviously better known that Prairie, so I'd recommend starting with that one.

May 25, Brooke rated it it was amazing. Ignorant me, I never knew classics could be such thrillers!


I could say read it for the description of wild America in the 's, but I listened to it and got caught up in the breakneck speed of the plot. Feb 13, Carol rated it really liked it. The two stories in the next volume have to fit in here somehow! One of my thought while I was reading was, "how will people today be able to relate to this? There are so many Biblical references! However, some still assume a Biblical understanding like "Obed was the father of Jess, who was the father of David, One of David's sons was Absalom, another was Solomon, who was the grandfather of Asa.

Read Last of the Mohicans: May 3- Aug 9, Jan 22, Gilbert rated it it was amazing. Hang on for the ride of your life! This is as exciting as any read you could try to find. Edge of your seat, genuine cliffhanger!! So much action, the pages turn by themselves. Oct 13, Michael Sypes rated it really liked it Shelves: classics. The Last of the Mohicans is an absolutely amazing story.

Yeah, the movies I especially like the Daniel Day-Lewis version are great, but this is different. Those are 20th Century Movies, and this is a 19th Century novel. The first book The Pioneers was rather weak, I thought. By the time a certain plot twist a common one for the time comes out, I really didn't care, or even remember who they were talking about.

The Prairie is an engaging tale too.

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Is Cooper's writing really g The Last of the Mohicans is an absolutely amazing story. Is Cooper's writing really great? Well, as countless critics Clemens among them have contended, no. However, aside from the plots being hopelessly contrived, there's no mistaking that you feel you are experience the grandeur of the natural world in which these tales take place.

I read The Prairie from this collection last winter, having previously read only one of the Leatherstocking Tales The Last of the Mohicans. I read this after reading The Pathfinder, so I had something of a sense of the course of Natty's life, and I was curious to learn if Cooper revealed much of the geography between New York and the prairie. Let me count the ways: 1 His never-ending description of every rock, twig, river, etc. No pebble escapes his scrutiny, no leaf his lingering gaze. This book would have been 3 pages long without the descr If time travel were possible, I'd go back in time and assassinate James Fenimore Cooper before he ever put pen to paper in this imaginary scenario, let it be known that I also possess mad ninja skills.

This book would have been 3 pages long without the description.